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State of the art LASER hair removal has come to Wendover
Now is the perfect time to start a course to be hair free next summer

Scruples of Wendover has brought state of the art laser hair removal to the Aylesbury area.

Increasingly people are exploring options for more effective and long-lasting hair removal. With her thirty years of experience as a trained therapist working with different forms of hair removal, Yvonne believes lasers offer the very best solution and are the way forward for the future.

This period has seen great advances in the technology of hair removal by laser and it has become a more precise, affordable, safe and effective treatment.

Scruples Clients Testimonials

  • Chris
    After 3 laser sessions over Winter and Spring I was told ‘now enjoy a hair-free carefree Summer’ and sure enough I didn’t have to worry about removing any unwanted hair for another 6 months! 2 years later and I have just finished the course of 6 sessions I had booked and my unwanted hair growth is now almost non-existent. Actually, I find I don’t even have to think about it - a great result for someone who had waxing regularly every 4-6 weeks for more than 30 years!
    Bledlow Ridge
  • Paula Hurd
    After years of waxing which only left me free from hair growth on my lower leg for probably a week maximum, laser treatment has been like a miracle. Even after the first treatment there was a huge improvement. The process is simple and not as uncomfortable as waxing and very quick. I have had six sessions in total and only get the odd hair growth, which are the finer lighter hairs which are harder to eradicate. I'm ecstatic with my results. Thank you Yvonne.
    Paula Hurd
  • -	Mrs H
    …my bikini line and underarms are great. I’m so pleased. It’s made having a shower much quicker and no more red razor rashes!!
    - Mrs H

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